Come on in and let go with relaxation massage

The benefits of letting go with Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage could be one of the healthiest experiences you could give yourself.

On the massage table during a massage you’ll be invited to let go of tension held in your body.  Consider for a moment the ability for yourself to listen to your body express itself.  While receiving relaxation massage you may notice areas of tension.  Rather than push that tense area away, or say ‘we better fix that tense area’, instead we consider ‘just listen and watch’.  What does that tense area want to express?  Does the area have a hot or cold quality about it?  Is there an emotional quality to it?  If there is then we observe it and do not make it wrong, simply we observe and wait.  Breath helps us focus and open up our observing skills.

The outcome of observation in massage.

Having this experience of observing the body allows the body to speak without judgement from ourselves.  Bodies do have innate wisdom to share with us if we slow down and are quiet enough to hear them.  Having a relaxation massage in this way can profoundly shift aspects of your life in a gentle and effective way.

Come on in and let go with Relaxation Massage.