Relaxation massage

Fall into deep relaxation this Autumn with Relaxation Massage

Arrive into your body with relaxation massage.  Massage is performed with caring awareness and presence, with Fiona at Napier Massage Therapy.  In this way your mind and body can relax, let go and allow unfolding of any stress held within.  Like a wave stress arises and if given ‘space’ to be, the stress can move through you.

Your relaxation massage will potentially allow you to feel more peaceful, grounded, aware, fresh and clear.  However, as we are exposed to varying degrees of stress levels you may also feel exhausted after your relaxation massage.  As you continue to clear stress after the massage you may require rest and sleep. Of course drinking water before and after the massage is ideal in assisting the cleansing re-balancing process.

Relaxation Massage is different to deep tissue massage.   With deep tissue massage you would experience of the breaking down of the muscular knots in the muscle tissue which encourages those fibers to lengthen and relax.  This style of massage is ideal for sports people who may have tight muscular areas due to their training program.  Deep tissue can be described as good pain massage, where pressure is applied with fingers, hands, elbows into the muscle to release the knotty area.  This massage must be given by an experience massage practitioner as it can be used incorrectly causing further damage to the area.

Consider this autumn, falling into the ultimate relaxation experience with Relaxation Massage with Fiona at Napier Massage Therapy on Bluff Hill.