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Reiki Napier


Treatment Options for Reiki

30 Minutes $30

60 Minutes $60

90 Minutes $80

Reiki - Universal Energy
Reiki - Universal Energy

Hi, Fiona here from Napier Massage Therapy. I've completed my training in Usui Reiki 1 and 2 with Master Shu Shimaoka.

Reiki is now available from my clinic on Bluff Hill, Napier. Below find out a little more about what Reiki is and whom may benefit from Reiki!

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What is Reiki?

Reiki translates as Universal Life force Energy. It comes from the combination of 2 Japanese words “Rei” which means “Spirit or Universal Power” and “Ki” which means “Life force energy”. In 1922 Mr Mikao Usui from Japan established Reiki.

Reiki supports the energy field around a client return to its natural state.  This is a complementary therapy given by a trained Reiki Practitioner. Reiki treatments can be given along side any health plan to assist and support improved health and well-being. More than one treatment may be helpful and in many cases 3-6 session may be ideal.

The client will be lying down or sitting comfortably while fully clothed while the treatment is given. The practitioner places their hands lightly on the body allowing a free flow of Reiki/universal energy.


Reiki & the Flow of Energy

An abundance of Reiki energy flow leads to the release of stress or tension, and helps with detoxification.  Imagine for example a river with abundant flowing water that can keep itself clear and pure. Similarly the Reiki energy helps the client to self heal and reconnect with their true nature.

Reiki works on the body and mind as well as at a unconscious level. It is very safe for all people, young and old.  In addition it is safe to use with any other medicine. Reiki may assist with reduction of stress and pain, reduced levels of anxiety and improve sleep patterns.  Almost any and every condition can benefit from Reiki.

Even if there is no problem condition apparent a Reiki treatment will simply allow for deep relaxation to unfold.

Reiki practitioners are trained to give Reiki treatments. A sacred attunement ceremony performed by a Reiki Master/Teacher gifts the healing capacity to the Reiki student. Sacred symbols and mantras allow the Reiki channel to open.

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The Reiki Heaking Session - What to Expect

A Reiki healing will last for anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes.  Usually 60 minutes is the most common time for a treatment.  At the beginning of a treatment the client may share what health concerns are currently unfolding in their life.  For example physical ailments, emotional difficulties, or mental fatigue concerns.  It is not always necessary for the client to share the problems arising because Reiki knows exactly what is needed without having this information in hand.  A client may not feel comfortable to share such sensitive issues and that is fine.  However, sometimes it is helpful for a client to express and unload by speaking about issues arising.

The Reiki Healing Room

Prior to a client arriveing, the Reiki therapist will have prepared themselves to be open as a Reiki Channel for the healing of the client.  During the session, the client can be lieing on a table or in a seated position.  Reiki can also be used for distant healing.  I'll talk about that in a later article.

The Reiki Healing Session

Once on the treatment table or seated in a chair, a blanket and pillows maybe offered to provide extra comfort and security.  A client remains is fully clothed during treatment.  The only items to be removed will be shoes.  To further enhance relaxation, restful music or silence maybe provided, with possible incense or sage burning.  The practitioner may offer some restful tips (ie meditation or breathing exercises) to allow the client to let go of all worries and enjoy the healing.  Usually a client will close their eyes and not talk much, to allow full relaxation to unfold.

Then the practitioner will gently sweep the aura of the client.  Imagine a settling into the treatment, relaxing and breathing gently while the aura is welcomed into the space with love.  The Reiki practitioner will either place their hands on the body or continue working on the aura.  There maybe specific places of the body the practitioner is lead to or it maybe the 12 positions that could be used during the treatment.  The 12 positions are eyes/face, skull, back of head and throat.  Upper chest, lower ribs, lower intestine area and pelvis area.  Back of body - shoulders, lower ribs, lower back and coccyx.  The hand positions are always respectful of private areas of the client.  During the Reiki healing a client is likely to feel relaxed and comfortable.  A client can share any thoughts or concerns they have at anytime of the treatment.

The treatment can last between 30-90 minutes.  When the practitioner is lead to finish the treatment another sweep of the aura is offered to complete the healing.

That's the basic Reiki treatment plan, and it varies between clients and different Reiki practitioners.  If this sounds like something you'd like to experience I welcome you to my clinic on Bluff Hill, Napier.

Reiki Energy could be imagined as the love that is offered to a special one in your life

Reiki Love