Napier Massage recommends post massage care to get the most out of your massage experience.

After your massage with Fiona your body might have some reactions like:

Stiffness, aching muscles, tired or a slight headache – a detoxing reaction.

Frequent toilet visits – further detoxing, your body is eliminating wastes.

Runny nose or coughing – more detoxing.

The above is your body repairing and adjusting to the healing process of massage and this can take from one to three days, depending on how much your body has to process.

Consider doing some of the below recommendations to reduce and support the detox effects:

Drink water or green tea as massage stimulates body fluid flow and drinking water will assist in cleansing out residue toxins.  Green tea supports the liver in cleansing.

Rest, rest, rest after your massage.  This is the repair phase, take it easy for a few days if possible while you body sorts things out.

Limit alcohol after massage, as this further reduces hydration.

Get another massage sooner rather than later to continue the wellness journey and gain a happy, less stressed, healthier body.  Massage can be done weekly, fortnightly, monthly, six weekly, what ever your budget allows.