foot massage

Foot Massage for Relaxation

Foot massage is a wonderful way to enter into a relaxed state.  Be transported to a world of relaxation when you lay down on the massage table.  Then I will start by refreshing your feet with light essential oils for a cleansed refreshing start to the foot massage.  Next we have hot towels to further enhance your relaxed state.

Enhancing your relaxation even more I shall then apply massage oils, like sweet almond, rice bran oil, or hemp oil to your feet.

Gentle pressure from my knuckles, thumbs and fingers may help to release stress held in your feet.  I will also massage the achilles attachment around the ankle.   A soft massage applied to the tendons and ligaments of the foot.

This will always be done to a level of comfort you are happy with.  This is not a painful massage style.

At the end of the massage I will apply a hot towel and remove most of the oil from your feet.  The massage oil can remain on your feet if requested.

foot massage

foot massage

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